google-earthFor maps and visual information about Voditsa and the region generally, try Google Earth and search for ‘Voditsa, Targovishte’. 43°21’48.75″ N  26°03’23.24″ E

Voditsa is about 60 south of Ruse, 60k east of Veliko Turnovo and 20k west of Popovo.



easyjetThe main airport is Sofia with flights and links to most places. Wizz Air and Easy Jet are the main cheap airlines. There are numerous scheduled flights (BA, Air France, Lufthansa etc) and Air Bulgaria are usually good with offers plus they fly to Varna. Bucharest is also worth considering – BlueAir and Wizz go from Luton but getting from there to Voditsa is a bit of a hassle but we can help you – contact us if this is your preferred route. Wizz have a daily flight from Luton to Varna. The Sofia Metro runs from Terminal 2 directly to the bus and train station – clean, efficient and cheap 1lev for any journey.



bg-trainThere is a good train network in Bulgaria. From Sofia, take the train to Popovo – in Cyrillic this is ПОПОВО. It’s about 20k from Voditsa. If you contact us when you know which train you’re on, we’ll book a taxi to meet you.

The train website is in English but the stations are in Cyrillic.

The trains are a little slow but the scenery is wonderful and the journey from Sofia costs about 25leva.


Please note that the train stops at Popovo for about 3 minutes (not a joke!) The previous stop is Strazitsa -when you pass there, get up and get your stuff ready or pay attention to the arrival time of the train and get it together 10 minutes before that. Try not to add yourself to the list of people who have missed the stop!


etapYou can also take a bus from Sofia. The bus station and the train station are right next to each other. The bus is quicker than the train and it will take you to the main road about 2k from the village. You need to buy a ticket to Popovo and ask the driver to let you off at the village ‘Iskam Voditsa molya’



Note that there is no point looking for someone to speak English at either the bus or train station – they generally dont! But you only need one word – Popovo, or if you want to be polite ‘billet za Popovo molya’(ticket to Popovo please)



You can of course, hire a car at the airport. There’s a wide selection of companies. The journey takes about four and a half hours and after you leave Sofia, you’ll find the roads to be delightfully empty. A car can obviously be really useful if you’re going to explore the area.



vtFuture possibilities There are currently very tiny airports at both Rouse and Veliko Turnovo. Both are scheduled for development and both are within an hour drive from Voditsa. A motorway is (slowly) being built between Varna and Sofia and it will run about 20k from here. This will reduce travel time between Vodtsa and Varna.


imagesDirections through the village: From the turning at the main road, head straight up the road towards the village. Pass the very bright buildings on the right and round the bend to the right at the mural. When you pass the bar, take the right fork and walk on past the square and the shops. The road then goes over two little bridges and bears left. Keep going for about 500 meters and you’ll see a spring on the right with a white house behind. The next house past the spring is derelict and we are the next house after that – a yellow gate and a little plaque saying St James’ Park.



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