St. James’ Park

An Alternative Campsite and Hostel in Bulgaria


St. James’ Park is a most beautiful field in a little corner of Bulgaria and I have the pleasure of taking care of it.

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Have you ever been on a bus or a train in a strange country, probably going from one interesting city to another and watched the villages go by?

Have you ever wondered what goes on in those little villages? Who lives there? How do they live? What happens on a daily basis?

Maybe you’ve just thought about getting off the beaten track and seeing the inside of a country.

Are you conscious about your environmental impact or the ethics of travelling, tourism and foreign investment?

I’ve been a traveller most of my life and I’ve asked myself these questions many times. A few years ago I embarked on an exciting adventure in Bulgaria and I’d like to share it with anyone else who is familiar with these questions – this might also be the first time you’ve thought about them but all good ideas and plans have to start somewhere!

A few years ago, my daughter Elly bought this property in Voditsa and I agreed to live in it and look after it for a while. The original plan was to open a campsite and hostel but the focus of my energy was really in getting the field to be a beautiful garden so I’ve had a sort of secret campsite for the last few years and we’re delighted when people find us.

In the last 5 years I have had loads of visitors, guests and volunteers who have supported me, helped me, made me laugh, cooked for me and helped me to get my life together here. You are welcome to come and join us. I am slowly turning 2500 square metres of land that used to be a field, into a beautiful garden. I try to do all sorts of building related things and wonder why I never learned these important skills before. But slowly its getting there. I am happy to say that I have introduced a number of new people to this village and that can only help as small villages gradually get smaller. I used to be a Community Development Consultant and I’m also trying to share some of my experience with the people in Voditsa to help them make the most of their experience as a developing EU country.

Its fun and endlessly interesting here – the weather covers a range from -25 to + 45 and that has been challenging and fun too. I try to keep this site updated as much as I can but if I’m behind in my task, its because I’m out in the garden or making jam. I hope you enjoy reading about my life here and I look forward to meeting you either as a volunteer or a camper.

Kathy McGowan

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2014 update

Hi -there’s been a bit of a change at St James Park this year – Kathy has gone for a bit of a wander about in Asia and Elly and Dancho are now looking after things. As you’ll know, if you’ve been here, life is pretty busy and we dont always have time to keep […]

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Tickets for Luna Dolina Festival are now on sale!

We are not having a festival this year. We may have one in 2015, please get in touch if you would like to be involved. strong>13-15th September and you can find out more at: Come and join us!

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