I’ve had such a lot of interest in this, this page is easier than sending videos to everyone We don’t really get involved in property sales these days but my neighbour asked me to help him sell his mother’s house after she died. As it’s an exceptionally great property, I agreed. It’s been really well maintained and is in such good condition – it would make a wonderful home, a sustainable living opportunity and could be adapted into more than one living unit.

The plot is 4000sq metres. About 1500sq m is on the flat behind the house. This has been used as a very productive vegetable garden and has its own water supply from a well. Around 1000sq metres is a wooded area on a slope leading up to a field which also has access from above. This field could easily grow enough corn to feed a bunch of animals and the wooded area could be sorted to provide firewood. There’s also the usual range of fruit trees – apples, pears, plums, walnuts etc etc.

This is a screen shot from google maps that gives you an indication of the shape of the plot.

The house is a ten minute walk from the shops in the centre of the village and there are people living in most of the neighbouring houses – in a massively underpopulated area, this is a big plus.

‘Living room’ and ‘bedroom’ are quite fluid terms in houses here so suffice to say that the house has 5 rooms and the beginnings of a bathroom. It is on one level and has a corridor facing east, running the length of the house. The room windows mostly face west. We live outside for as much of the year as possible here so there’s also an outside kitchen and a shaded place to sit. All of the furniture comes with the house – this consists mainly of tables, beds and wood stoves and it means that you could move straight in.

Under the whole house is a huge cellar with a concrete floor and the opportunity to store all your produce and preserves for the winter. The entrance had double doors for a car plus a separate little unit of room, previously used as grain and wood storage but another option for conversion.

One of the best things about this property are the barns. They are huge, well maintained and really interesting if you’re thinking of workspace or conversion to accommodation. They’re all beautifully constructed from mud bricks and local wood with clay or mud render.

My neighbour is asking €10,000 for this. In my opinion, it’s a great property and wonderful value for money. All of the documents are updated and in order. UK passport holders will need to set up a company in order to buy this property – this is not a big deal and its what we all had to do before Bulgaria joined the EU. Also note that owning a property here does not give you the right to long term residence as a non EU person. It is possible for that to happen but it’s just going to take a bit longer.

Here’s a few short videos that I took – most of them have a little comentary. They may take a moment to open and apparently, they don’t open on all phones – hopefully you can see them on a tablet or laptop. I hope this gives an idea of the set up and the lay out. I look forward to hearing from you if you have a serious interest. Go to the contact page for details .