One of the things that we love doing at St. James Park, is making big changes. We’ve done a lot and some of them have been a bit dramatic. Some have happened quite quickly, like the rooms in the Purple House or Alex’s barn and some evolved over a long period of time, like the Barn.  What we’ve learned is that things dont get changed until they have a purpose – we needed some places for people to stay for Alex’s wedding, so the Purple House got sorted….in super quick time.  We’ve had volunteers helping us with all of these projects and many more – we really couldn’t do what we do without help so we’re happy to hear from you and hopefully you’ll want to be part of that in the future.

Our lovely garden used to be a field – it’s an ever changing, beautiful space.


The barn, which is now our summer living room and kitchen, was once just an old barn. It also had a transformation into a wedding venue.

Talking of weddings, the barn and gardens at Alex’s house were also transformed for a wedding.

The Purple House also had a quick change to accomodate the guests for Alex’s wedding.

The garden at the Purple House is also undergoing transformation.