plans for next year

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The plans and ideas for next year are coming on – I have loads of lists! But it is actually all coming together. I’m heading back to Voditsa at the beginning of March and between then and mid June, its just non stop work – the roof is on the barn so the next step is to make a floor and then plaster the walls. I have a couple of barrel loads of gleena (blue river clay) and I’ll be looking for a few volunteers to help because there is a lot of wall!.

Then I have to flatten the top end of the field and begin to make the stage and the terraced seats up the hillside. We have to build a shower block using all the bits of wood thats lying around (I have an actual design thanks to Casper a Dutch volunteer who is also an architect) , design and build a a water system to utilise the well, build another compost toilet, plants lots of roses, sort out the rest of the garden, make a kitchen in the barn and a few other things. So keep an eye on Helpx if you’re interested in any volunteering in the spring.

And the reason for all the rush?

I’m going to be running a range of courses and events from June onwards that will give people the opportunity to experience life in this village. watch this spot for more details as the dates get sorted. If you’re looking for a holiday with a difference, you might want to check out life in a typical Bulgarian village …..coming soon.