Luna Dolina

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Take note of those two little words… will be hearing them again. Luna Dolina means moon valley and thats the name of the Festival that going to start in Voditsa in 2013 and hopefully be the new Glastonbury of Eastern Europe!

A few years ago, I stumbled upon a most wonderful place just outside of the village – Dancho and I had gone there to look at a field that someone wasnted to sell. As soon as I saw the place I just knew that it was a brilliant spot to have a festival. I talked about this idea with everyone for a couple of years and then in the winter of 2011/12 I had a phone call from a guy called Brian who was looking for a place to put on a festival – it looked like a perfect match so we started working together to run the first music and arts festival in Voditsa in September 2012. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as we had hoped – to cut a long story short and in order to salvage something out of the situation, we decided to turn it into a free party.

About 100 hundred people turned up and we had a really good time. We learned that the site was really a wonderful place to have a festival and we also ended with a small group of people who are really interested in organising something properly for 2013.

Plans are happening as we speak – we’re looking for some money; we open to bands, DJs and artists who want a slot; we’re getting the website together and we’re starting to talk about stalls, marketing, generators…and stuff like that. This is going to happen…..September 13-15th 2013…and at the moment, EasyJet flights are about £35 – a few people have booked already.

If you, or anybody that you know, wants to perform at a small, new and interesting festival, get in touch. Sadly we can’t pay anybody this year but wwe will feed you. Watch this space for more news as it happens.