We’ve now found two lovely house sitters so thank you for your interest, but you’re too late. I thought I’d leave this page up for a while so you can see what the opportunity was.

2018 is going to be a little different around SJP because Elly and Dancho have gone travelling for a while. The cats are getting fed, the flower beds weeded and the lawns mowed but, really, the house needs someone to live in it.

We’re wondering if there’s anyone out there who would like to try out this great lifestyle – maybe you’re thinking about moving to a place like Bulgaria and having a very different life. Would you like to practice first?

Maybe you’re travelling and you could do with staying in the same place for a while – a place to stop and reflect or just do some work for yourself if you’ve been volunteering.

Or perhaps you just want to do something really different for a few months and challenge yourself?


What we’re offering:

  • house and land rent free for a year (until spring 2019)
  • a basic but comfortable house (where we live in the winter)
  • a huge barn and outside kitchen (where we live in the summer)
  • a very large garden that has been lovingly cared for in the last ten years – established flower beds, trees, garden architecture etc
  • enough land to grow a good 50% of your year’s food supply
  • lovely cats
  • great neighbours

What we’re looking for:

  • preferably two people – one could be ok – depends on the person but this is not a suitable situation for a family
  • common sense …..loads of it!
  • must love cats
  • you’ve got some experience in a garden preferably with flowers and trees as well as vegetables.
  • creative problem solving skills
  • common sense…..even more….
  • must love flowers
  • some understanding of living with a wood fuelled system (the ‘system’ includes your role in wood chopping)
  • people who understand that if you dont get your act together in the winter when it could be minus 25, then you will probably die.
  • people who would not have a visa hassle in order to stay here for a year

Kathy will be living in the village and can offer help and advice if you need it….but she doesn’t want a job as a teacher or trainer of sustainable living!  We’d really like to connect with people who already have some skills and who dont need intensive guidance.

In relation to costs, this is a guess for a year:

  • wood – you probably need about 10cubic metres -probably a max of 500 leva for the year
  • electricity – around 50leva a month
  • internet – 30leva a month
  • gas (we have a small gas cooker which is useful if you dont want to light the fire) -maybe about 30 leva a year
  • water – around 20leva a month
  • food – thats up to you! How much are you going to grow? Some price examples – a loaf of bread is 0.70leva, a coffee is 0.50leva, a litre of milk is 1.50leva, potatoes are around 1leva a kilo……this is the poorest and the cheapest country in the EU so costs are very low but you do need some money.

This is a great place to live and if sustainable living is important to you, this could be just right for you. The temperature range here could be between +45 in August and -30 in January – that offers such great challenges and opportunities for any kind of growing. If you’re at all interested, get in touch and let’s talk about it